Vitamin Premix

shrimp/Prawn Growth Promotor,Fish Growth Enhancer

Aqua Grow Up- General Vitamins & Trace Minerals

Vitamino liquid a unique formulation which contains many vital elements like calcium, proteins,
phosphorus along with Vitamin AD3E. This supplement increases growth, health and body
activeness and can be used as aquaculture feed supplement for fishes, shrimps, prawns etc.

  • Prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Give Quick relief from stress.
  • Reduces Mortality ratio.
  • Maintains Immunity.
  • Enhances Body Weight and Growth.
  • Gives better FCR.
  • Usage and administration:
  • In Fishes: 250gms/ Ton of Feed Regularly.
  • Or as directed by fish consultant

    AquaCulture Feed Premix