Prawn Weight Gainer

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Double Growth Gold

Aqua Promass an ideal formulation which contains various elements and vital nutrients which are
necessary for the growth of health and the body. This aquaculture feed supplement is used
basically among fishes, prawns and shrimps for their best health and body weight as they are
used in farming.

  1. Body weight Enhancer in Shrimps Prawns & fishes.
  2. Keeps the aquatic life active.
  3. Prevents stress
  4. Acts as immune modulator and antioxidant.
  5. Develops new tissues.
  6. Helps in better collagen formation and strong muscles for better swimming.
    Uses and Administrations
  1. Regular Use: 3gm/kg of pellets or 7-10gm/kg feed
  2. Take above quantity and mix with 10-20 ml of cod liver oil Apply to 1kg feed and dry in cool
    shade for 30 minutes.