Trace Minerals

Liver Stimulants ,Immunity Boosters


Anfaboost ATM

It is composed of elemental trace minerals Zinc, Manganese & Copper as highly bioavailable
methionine hydroxy analogue chelate in Organic form. Selenium is available in Organic form as
Selenium Yeast. Chromium is available in Organic Form. Ferrous and Cobalt are available in
Inorganic Forms (Sulphates) along with a highly bioavailable form of Iodine.

  1. Reduces early chick mortality in day old chicks.
  2. Promotes flock uniformity.
  3. Enhances immune responses and facilitates rapid recovery from disease.
  4. Poultry Organic Trace Minerals Products increases bone strength & structural integrity.
  5. Helps reduce all kinds of stress in the birds.
  6. Improves liveability, growth, & FCR in Birds.
  7. Feature
    ATM offers superior bioavailability of Trace Minerals. ATM is stable in presence of other
    chelating agents and other Chemicals in feed. ATM containe Zinc, Manganese, Copper,
    Selenium & Other Mineral in highly bioavailable Organic and Inorganic form

    Usage & Administration

  1. Regular-usage: POULTRY:1 Kg / ton of feed
  2. Or as directed By Veterinarian/Consultant

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