Cocktail Enzymes with Probitics

Feed Enzymes Probiotics,Cocktail Enzymes with Probitics

Poultry Enzyme with Probiotics

Anfazyme Gold

It is a cocktail blended mixture of PSP enzymes with probiotics. It contains enzymes like xylanase, amylase, b-glucoamylase, lipase and other different enzymes which helps in better growth and health. The enzymes present in this helps in controlling the infection of clostridium perfinges and prevent necrotic lesions in the Gut wall. It also aids in controlling toxins which are present in feed and prevents non-specific diarrhoea. The L.acidophillus enzymes eliminates harmful pathogens from the Gut and help in the secretion of organic acids which is used in maintain desired pH level in the gut. This vital feed enzyme can also be used as a cattle feed supplement, Goat feed additives and pig feed supplement. .

  1. Helps in Managing feed cost by flexibility in feed formulation.
  2. Better Efficacy of feed.
  3. Improves the flock and production uniformity.
  4. Improves litter quality.
  5. Reduces sticky and loose droppings Hence controls risk of dirty eggs and breast blisters.
  6. Improves FCR and growth.  
Usage & Administration
  1. Broiler: 350gm-500gm/ton feed.
  2. Layers: 350-400gm/ton feed
  3. Breeders: 750gm-1kg/ton feed
  4. or as directed by veterinarian consultant.
Feed Enzymes Probiotics