Digestive & Appetizer
Cattle Bolus, cattle herbal digestive, Herbal Feed Additive,

Rumicure Bolus (Ruminal Disorder Treatment)

  • 1.Helps for better secretions of savila and digestive juices for effective digestion of food.
  • 2.Optimises ruminal PH and maintains perfect microflora in the rumen for better
  • 3.Better feed utilization by better enzymatic activity.
  • 4.Improves strength of the animals by providing better immunity.
  • 5.Optimises residual movements for better passage of ingesta and explusion of gases.
  • 6.Provides comfort in the digestive tract and avoid the related stress caused to the
  • 7.It is the most sutable preparation in the conditions like Anorexia,Dyspepsia,
    Constipation Stress Etc.

  • Usage & Administration
    pig:2-3 Bolus/animal/day
  • (or) as advised by a consultant.