Mineral Mixture

Vitagin, Mineral Mixture, Chelated Minerals

Mineral Mixture

Vitamins & Chelated Minerals

Vitagin, a very essential mineral mixture which is a blended mixture of vitamin A, D3 & E with
essential minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc etc. It is used as a livestock feed supplement
for animals like cows, buffaloes, cow, and horses.

  1. Improves milk yield.
  2. Helps for better growth.
  3. Increase health and immunity
  4. Better Fertility in females
  5. Better Strength in bullocks.
  6. Enhances additional stress-bearing capacity.
    Usages & Administration
  1. Camel,Horse,Cow & Buffaloes:30gms
  2. Calves:10gms
  3. in feed:10kg/ton of feed
  4. or as directed by veterinarian
Feed Improver