Vitamin-A tonic

Vitamin AD3E

    Anfaboost AB3E (Vitamin Supplement)

    Anfaboost is a highly recommended vitamin supplement for animals. It contains various vitamins
    like A, D3 & E and commonly known as Vitamin AD3E. This vital Supplement can be used
    among different animals and birds for better health and growth of the body. In birds, it is
    commonly used as Poultry Vitamin Supplement Various health benefits are associated with it
    that are mentioned Below.

  1. Achieve Faster Growth in Lambs Calves.
  2. Increase the Weight in Fattening animals.
  3. Increase the hardness of bones.
  4. Increase appetite in Fattening animals
  5. Stimulates the Metabolism.
    Usages & Administration
  1. For Cattle, Camels, Cows & Pigs: - 20ml in drinking water per animal.
  2. For Sheep, Goats, Lambs & Piglets: - 10ml in drinking water per animal
  3. Or, as directed by the veterinarian consultant.

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