Feed Enzymes & Probiotics

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Anfazyme - Enzymes & Probiotics for Horse

It is a cocktail blend of NSP enzymes and probiotics-cellulase, xylanase, amylase,b-glucoamylase,
pectinase, b-gluconase, liapase, sachromyces boulardi, bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus
acidophyllus. Probiotics in anfazyme help as :- B.subtilis – Controls infection of Clostridium
perfinges and prevents necrotic lesions in Gut wall. S.boulardi – Controls toxins in feed and
prevents non-specific Diarrhoea. L.acidophillus – Eliminates harmful pathogens from gut and
Secretion of organic acids to maintain desired PH Levels in guts of Birds.

  1. Helps in Managing feed cost by flexibility in feed formulation.
  2. Better Efficacy of feed.
  3. Improves the flock and production uniformity.
  4. Improves FCR and growth.
  5. Less need of antibiotics
  6. Better fertility and sexual maturity.