Herbal Digestive Tonic

Anfavit Liquid.(herbal digestive tonic)

Anfaliv, a potent herbal digestive tonic which is an extract of berberis aristate, Vitis vinifera, Origan
-um vulgare and Olea europaea fortified with vitamins. It is a recommended digestive supplement
for the prevention and control of diarrhea which is caused due to bacterial infection. This herbal
supplement is also used as a poultry feed additive , goat & Sheep feed supplement.

  1. To control bacterial infections like E.Coli, Salmonellosis, haemophillus, CRD, Coryza Fowl
  2. Better Digestion.
  3. Remove Stress for a quick recovery.
    Usages & Administration
  1. Large animal:100-150-ml/Animal/Day.
  2. Small animal:50-75-ml/Animal/Day.
  3. or as directed by veterinarian.

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