Herbal Digestive Powder

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Herbagest(Herbal Digestant for cattle & other Livestock) -

Herbagest is a herbal digestive powder used in animals which contains all herbal elements like
Harada, Ajwain, Ajmoda, Sunthi, saunf etc. which aids in better digestion. With better digestion it
helps in improving health and growth. Better digestion led to better absorption of nutrients and
better health.

Ajwain – Helps in Indigestion.
Ajmoda – Effective in dyspepsia, appetite stimulant, carminative, anti spasmodic. Helps in
stomach ache.
Sunthi – Prevents nausea, breaks down fatty foods and protein. Reduces gaseous distension.
Sauf – Carminative stimulant and purgative. Helps in intestinal colic.
Soya – protects liver from abscess and bloat.
Dhanyaka – Carminative. Removes intestinal irritation.
Trikatukalimirch – aids digestion. Remove toxin in waste. enhances gastric emptying and helps
food assimilation.
Pipali – Aromatic, stimulant. Helps in constipation.
Black salt – Helps is digestion.

  1. Corrects indigestion & anorexia.
  2. Maintains proper appetite.
  3. Helps in proper maintenance of energy production.
  4. Checks impaction, mild colic & atony of rumen.
  5. Improves debility.
  6. Helps in rejuvenation of ruminal microflora.
Usage and Administration
  • Large Animals: - 10gms to be mixed in feed for an animal per day.