Herbal Digestant

Anfavit Liquid

A potent blend of herbal extracts of berberis aristata, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare and olea
europaea fortified with vitamins ANFAVIT is recommended for prevention and control of
diarrhea caused due to bacterial infestation and for Improving FCR, Survivability Rate & Growth in
farm Animals.ANFAVIT also helps to reduce stress.ANFAVIT is also recommended for control Of
bacterial infestation in Swine large and small animals.


  • To control bacterial infections like E.Coli, Salmonellosis, haemophillus, CRD, Coryza
    Fowl Chlor & Stress for quick recovery.
  • Usage & Administration

  • 100-150ml/Animal/Day.
  • or advised by a veterinarian